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“Autumn Bliss Sign Up “Fall Into Fitness”

Join us Beginning Saturday November 4, 2017 for a 4 week kickstart. This program will include 4 (1 hour ) strength training- full body workouts. (One workout) each Saturday for 4 weeks.) A full menu, recipes, healthy food lists, smoothie recipes, and a private Facebook page for support of the members. I am very excited to offer this right before the holidays ;so you can focus on YOU! You can sign up by emailing me ~Heidi at, or  call me 978-204-8626 (or text), Or click link below to pay pay credit card.. This program will be  held at All Natural Training in Salisbury, MA.(1 Merrill Street Salisbury, MA 01952)



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February’s Personal Trainer in the Spotlight!

A huge shout out to our Certified Personal  Trainer, Tina!! She is a Graduate from Salem State College, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science. She is an  ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, and  graduate with a Certification in Nutritional Holistic Health Coaching. She is in the business of changing lives from the inside out, and is taking on new clients!! Please email her at or by phone: 978-809-8106, or call heidi @978-204-8626 to connect you to Tina. Today is your day for a new beginning.. 



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Blog Post #2: I Love The School Parking Lot!!

So today as I am leaving the school parking lot I was hustling to drop my kids off because I had to head over to my thyroid ultrasound. On the way into school one of the mom’s yelled out for me to wait up. So I did. She had questions about ovarian cysts which she heard that I had, had in the past. We  chatted and I gave her some tips of how I dealt with mine to  make sure mine didn’t come back.

Then I am leaving and a mom rolls down that window and said “Hey, I got the Immune System Recovery Plan book! I love it”!!! I agreed it’s a great book. We chatted and split.

I arrived at the hospital. As I was walking into the hospital to have my yearly ultrasound for my Autoimmune thyroid AKA “Hashimotos” I recalled the text I received last Friday afternoon.”Starting a new book the Immune System Recovery Plan… you hear of this one?” “I am relating to it and am totally hooked”. It occurred to me AGAIN! What is happening to the human species? Why are we breaking? Why are all of us young woman and men suffering from autoimmune disorders? It is so frustrating because it IS so obvious. We are exposed to more toxins than ever. We have products that are full of carcinogens and endocrine disrupters, vaccines that are full of metals, 60 percent of the food in the grocery stores are FOOD-like product, and the medical care system is a sick care  system instead of health care system.

We need a change and small steps can help us to swim back up river and feel better! I am so thankful to be a sounding board for many friends and family and will continue my research about autoimmune disorders, nutrition, nontoxic skin and home-care products,supplementation and how to serve my community better. I want you to know I love chatting with all of you in regards to your concerns, and hope to share all I know with you.

This will be my daily blog. Here I will post my favorite foods, recipes, books, ideas, products, and anything I try in order to live a more abundant, and charmed life. The book I mentioned in this blog can be found on the amazon link below.


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It’s All About Making Small Changes…


Today is a new day and I am excited to start a fresh new week feeling in control again. I am in control of what I put in and ON my body. I am overcoming cravings and overcoming negative relationships in my life! We all have to start somewhere. We need to restart what we didn’t finish the last time and time before that. We are not here to please anyone. We are here to overcome the things that do not make us feel well, or good about ourselves.

Whether this be: relationships, addictions, cravings, toxic people!! We can OVERCOME! We will overcome. Last week I decided to get back on track and start adding in healthier options into my daily nutrition, and crowding out the bad stuff.(Alcohol, sugar, and gluten). No one is perfect and we can all benefit from a fresh new start and new routine, we need support, we need a plan. I am here to help you.

I have stocked my refrigerator with healthy fats, fruits, vegetables. My jars with seeds, nuts, and superfood powders! I am ready and hope you will join me in adding in healthier options. Message me for your 1/2 hour in person or on phone consult. Together we can set you up for a healthier start tomorrow!! Above/below find a link to a book I will be starting to experiment with. The GAPs Diet Cookbook. Lots of healthy recipes and inspiration.


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The Ultimate Sticker Album is Finally Here!


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So Excited To Tell You About Our “Trainer In The Spotlight!”

Meet Bruce Cohn~



Bruce is a Nationally Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certified Nutrition Specialist.

Bruce Cohn is an educator, coach, and trainer with over thirty years of experience in the fitness-sports-recreation field working with both adults and student-athletes. Bruce Cohn can truly claim to be a master at designing customized programs for individuals and groups.

Bruce recently retired from teaching Health and Physical Education at Needham High School and as the Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Middlesex School in Concord, MA. As both a nationally certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a Certified Nutrition Specialist, his “Getting Fit” column ran in the Boston Globe for two years. Bruce dispensed simple yet effective advice and techniques for exercise, nutrition, and injury prevention.

After running his own personal training business, Your Gym Teacher, for the general adult fitness population, Bruce established FIT-TO-GO Total Conditioning in 1999, a consultancy providing high quality conditioning programs for student-athletes and adults seeking to improve performance and overall fitness. He spent summers working with professional, college and teenage athletes to enhance athletic performance and reduce injury: training one on one, running fitness camps, and consulting to Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning.

Since relocating to the Merrimack Valley in June 2012, Bruce has served as a volunteer coach in the UMass Lowell Sports Performance department and as Camp Bauercrest’s Athletic Director for the past two summers. He is currently working with local school districts to implement intergenerational fitness programs to foster connections between high school students and older adults in the community around the common goal of functional fitness. Bruce looks forward to applying his unique talents for performance, fitness and community building in his new home base at All Natural Training.

For rates and other frequently asked questions please goto:

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What Is The Best Summer Ever?

Do you remember as a child the minute you stepped one foot out onto the pavement on the last day of school? Do you remember the sense of freedom and all of the hopes you had? If you were like me you would think to yourself? “This Summer is going to be the best Summer EVER!” I would make lists of things I had to do, things I wanted to try, people I wanted to see. I have some pretty memorable Summers; with many lessons learned. One of the biggest lessons learned is to not be unrealistic in my expectations of myself, other people, and of the amount of time we have.

Fast forward years later & 4 small children in tow “The Best Summer Ever” still happens for me. Except totally different. I have a sense of calm, relief, and sense of a start over. I will have the option to not rush in the morning, give each child more time, prepare farm fresh meals for my family, and get into nature everyday, and heal my body the best that I can, and most of all MEET MY BODY WHERE IT IS AT! 

Last AUGUST  I had an accident, well (a cannon ball) in a pool while on vacation, and now have a spinal injury. Almost a full year later I am still healing and dealing with daily pain. I am learning new ways to be active, foods that can promote healing, supplementation of vitamins and minerals that can BLOCK nerve pain.

The reason I am telling you all this…..Is to remind you that we need to meet our bodies where “they are at” be realistic. Why push so hard with a work out that your never going to step foot in a workout space ever again; or that you get an injury that sets you back. Take baby steps that will bring you on the journey to life long wellness. NOT a one week binge of hard core exercise that will end in a week. Leaving you feeling like a failure.

We are here to support you with your first baby step. Sometimes that is stepping into a pair of sneakers, or just showing up into one of our classes, or calling me to set up a personal one-on-one training appointment. We will meet you where you are at. With years of experience combined Heidi(thats’s me) and Aaron are here to guide you. We have a team of Personal Certified Fitness Trainers, Certified Integrative Nutritional Health & Wellness Coaches, & Massage Therapists & tons of resources meant to share with you.

School will be starting here on the East Coast in less than a month and we can help you get your Exercise plan, Food plan, kids food plan, all on target in time to step onto the pavement this fall.

“So……. The Best Summer EVER, now for me is finding freedom, health, strength, power over my circumstance, and meeting my body/mind where I am at.

Please feel free to call me (978-204-8626), email me, or FB message me at Heidi Hovde with questions regarding your PLAN for late Summer & Fall.




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Pure Haven Essentials

Check out my April Flyer! Book a Party in April and receive a free Boo stick or MONSTER spray from me! Here’s to a less toxic April 2016!AprilFLYER.jpg

I am excited to offer you completely NonToxic products in the office or delivered to your door within 2-3 business days. I trust these products 100 percent and use them on my children, myself, and for cleaning my home. Click here to buy and have delivered to your door.

If you would like an opportunity to join my no risk team you can do so know for only $59 and you will receive $200 worth of products for yourself! You get paid every Friday a minimum of 30 percent of all sales. If you don’t sell anything NO BIGGIE!!! There are no minimums or continuing orders necessary. You get a website so people can buy online from you and you make a commission(30-50%)


Click Join

Type in my ID# 12684 and follow directions. If you are online and need my assistance or want be to do it for you. Call me anytime 978-204-8626.

So excited to finally share more NON-TOXIC options. ~Heidi12524281_10209086563588261_4802658498386664232_n


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Spring is in the air!

Today is  Sunday; a beautiful sunny day! I am so excited for the warmer weather to come. As a momma with Autoimmune Hashimoto thyroid disorder WINTER and the COLD are not my friends. My body and soul from the very core favors warmth.

The past week has been trying with the FLU in the house; our first illness this whole winter. One by one it took 5 out of 6 of us DOWN. So needless to say I am ready for fresh, renewing Spring weather and all it has to offer.

We have been very busy this past winter getting the Wellness Center filled up with amazing classes and instructors.( See our schedule under class schedule tab).  We continue to offer Massage with Web @ Web Wellness and Darrel @ Darrel Cox Massage and Body Work.

We are now offering Wellness related professionals the use of our studio, kitchen, workout area to provide their clients with workshop and their own tailored programs. You are your own boss and get to share all of your wisdom and hope with others.

I am also super excited to offer Children’s Obstacle course and fun gym play Birthday Parties. We will even provide cupcakes!

Come this Spring we are working out details to add in a great assortment of kids classes including:  *Childrens Zentangle Coloring Time

*Childrens Mini Yogi Classes

*Obstacle Course Fun

*Kids Surf Set Fitness

*Kids Open Gym

*Snack-Time Fun

Adult Classes and Workshops:

*Adult Calming Coloring Night

* Vision Board Night

*Eating For Energy  Workshop

*Krav Maga (Self Defense Workshop)

We have so much to offer and are putting final touches on many of these.

Spring is a time for renewal, fresh starts, and hope! We care and want to share all of this with YOU. Message Heidi if you are interested in any of the classes or workshops above. As we build the schedule we can take into consideration times and days that work  best for you and your family.

Enjoy Your last few days of February and we will see you in MARCH!!


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Ava’s First Holiday Cupcake Sale!

IMG_6836Exciting news! Ava turned 11 today and she is gearing up for her Cupcake Debut! She will be at the Salisbury Elementary Holiday fair selling her cupcake creations while they last. The fair is from 9-3 so drop by and support my girl. She will also be taking orders for upcoming events. She has always dreamed of owning her own bakery. There is no doubt in my mind that she will open her cafe/bakery doors someday.

There will be rows of talented artists and vendors so come get into the holiday spirit with us this Saturday.

Be well,

Ava’s mom Heidi!