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Happy New Year!

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WOW! Another Year has gone by! It’s time to start thinking about our goals & hopes for 2015


As I sit here looking out  at the leaves covering the ground it is a bitter-sweet day for me. Tomorrow I turn 39. Most would feel like”oh my only 1 more year and I will be forty, UGG”; but for me 39 feels great. I am finally feeling the best I have felt in over 10 years. By changing the way I nourish my body and taking care of me. I am feeling great by taking control of my autoimmune diseases Diabetes type II (yes DIABETES), and Hashimotos thyroid.  I have learned to nourish myself to the fullest with not only food but, supplementation, Love, exercise, family, spirituality, career, and my social life.

It takes all of these to make one feel WHOLE again. I am loving running my Health Coaching Practice at the Wellness Center and wanted to share our next program with you. It is a perfect time for a change. One year ends and another begins. Are we still saying” Well maybe I will make changes next week”. NOT anymore. Today! Message me, call me, text me. Whatever is easier for you. Make it happen. Join this 6 week life changing program to get YOU back in the drivers seat.  Our bodies have an amazing way to heal themselves by themselves. If we just give them a chance. Stop blocking that inner voice telling you to do SOMETHING……..ANYTHING!!!!! From the bottom of my heart I will help you do this the best I can. Call 978-204-8626 or message me on Facebook at All Natural Training or “Heidi Hovde”

Til we meet be well,


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