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Time To Heat Things Up…..

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Hey there everyone!  It is COLD outside; and our bodies are relying on us to heat things up a bit. If you are on the East coast like I am you are probably a little chilled right now.  Everyone is still scrambling after the New Year’s resolution shuffle. Trying to figure out what is good to eat and the not so good to eat. What type of meditation and exercise to incorporate into your daily routine. Should I take a multivitamin? Should I take supplements? Do I really need cardio? weight training?

Well we have the answers you are looking for: In regards to food, warming foods; like soups and casseroles. Seasonal vegetables like (squashes, root vegetables). Teas and broths to drink. These foods warm you and make you feel more grounded. Hence, the roots(rooted-get it). Think about it. In the summer we crave????…. Yes, Watermelon, salads, and lemons!!  Cooling foods because we are so darn hot. Our bodies know what they need. Listen to the cues.

Exercise is a must! Cardio can help decrease weight, clear your mind, and manage chronic disease( diabetes, heart disease…) Weight training helps strengthen bones, increases blood flow, and increases muscle mass. Not to mention, makes you feel amazing, energized, and strong.

Meditation and/or prayer, nature, and Yoga connects you to your spiritual side. This helps open your heart and mind to new experiences, and decreases stress. Diving into spirituality can open your eyes to say the least!

In regards to multivitamins and supplements: Everyone could use a high quality Multivitamin. One you can trust that has been tested properly. Did you know that Multivitamins/supplements do not need to be approved by the FDA. So, that means that you and I could create a multivitamin and call it what-ever-we-want. This is scary considering there are tons of choices lining the shelves of markets.

If you are interested in finding out about a multivitamin or supplements that could benefit you! AND.. one that has been tested extensively by scientists, and physicians to prove purity, strength, and benefits. Call me( Heidi 978-204-8626 )and you can take a free on-line health survey to see what best suits you and meets you where you are at. Or we can chat over the phone and I can get them to you. I look to my vitamins like a daily insurance policy. Yes I eat really well, and do my best. BUT even doing my best I am not getting all the minerals my body desires to feel fit, energetic, and nutritionally sound. We can always do better.  As a mom of 4 kids I need energy and a lot of it!

I am so excited for what 2015 has to bring to the table. LITERALLY!

What ever your goals? Weight loss, more energy, eat better, be more creative, more spiritual??? I’m your gal.

Let me help you, and be your Guide-on-the-side, Your go-to Holistic Nutritional Health Coach and Certified Fitness Trainer!! I will help you clarify your vision for this year and years to come.



I currently offer:

~A free health coaching session to decide which one of my programs best suits you.

~Better Nutrition family programs/workshops

~Phone and /or In person health coaching/nutritional health coaching

~Kitchen clean out/Pantry make-overs

~Grocery store tour

~I offer group fitness classes $10 per class Saturdays at 9am.

~Personal training $65 per hour, $600 for 10 sessions, $1000 for 20 sessions.

~Facebook “All Natural Training” & “All Natural Health Coach”.

~Free online Health History @

~Free online health assessment

~Business website:

It’s your time to connect and begin your new journey to wellness.

Be well,

Heidi Hovde



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