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Shape Up For Spring With “The Clean Plate” 7 Day Cleansing Meal Plan & Six Weeks of Workouts!

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Cost $150 & $135 for Early Registration 978-204-8626)Heidi

Online Access for $75.00 We will send you Clean Plate & Workout Plan.

Angela & Heidi are preparing for Spring and are super excited to announce our next 6 week challenge.

Join us as we Shape It Up for Spring with The Clean Plate and 6 weeks of Group Fitness Classes!
Starting Saturday, April 11th
This Challenge Includes:
*The Clean Plate: FULL 7 Day Spring Cleansing Meal Plan
*Access to The Fit Dish: FULL 7 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan
*Access to our FULL 7 Day Glow Detox Meal Plan
*Access to our Fall Into Fitness recipes
*Heidi’s Secret Smoothie list
*Access to our Private Facebook Group
*Weekly weigh-ins
*Body Fat % Test
*Before & After Pictures *6 Weeks of Group Fitness Classes (3x’s/wk) ….And more!

You don’t want to miss out on 6 weeks of support from our amazing group.
Self love is key, let’s rock it!

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