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Ava’s First Holiday Cupcake Sale!

IMG_6836Exciting news! Ava turned 11 today and she is gearing up for her Cupcake Debut! She will be at the Salisbury Elementary Holiday fair selling her cupcake creations while they last. The fair is from 9-3 so drop by and support my girl. She will also be taking orders for upcoming events. She has always dreamed of owning her own bakery. There is no doubt in my mind that she will open her cafe/bakery doors someday.

There will be rows of talented artists and vendors so come get into the holiday spirit with us this Saturday.

Be well,

Ava’s mom Heidi!


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Toxic WHAT!!!!

A Whole New Day!

Yes there has been a lot of talk of Toxins, Carcinogens, and GMO’s in the media! Every day we are are exposed to toxins; Yes we know this.  It can be soooooooo OVERWHELMING, But did you know that you can limit your exposure by simply making small changes every day? I am striving to be a non-toxic momma. You see our bodies/Endocrine system simply can’t handle all these toxins. Companies are creating many products to make the $$ at the expense our health and our families! FOOD-LIKE products take up at least 60 percent of the grocery store(They are NOT nourishment). We need nutrients to thrive, to live, and to battle disease. It’s our choice what we put in; and on our bodies!!!

I am on a mission to take as many toxins out of my cabinets, refrigerators, under my sink, and my bathrooms closets as possible. There are options for totally non-toxic products for our everyday use. You see “our skin is our largest organ”!! What we put on it ends up in our blood stream fairly quickly. “Garbage in – Garbage out”.

Detoxing our Personal care products is key to maintain healthy thyroid function: Did you know that Europe has BANNED over 1300 harmful chemicals from personal care products and the USA only bans 11! Oh my word no wonder we have such a toxin problem and the rise in autoimmune disorders in the USA continues to climb! These chemical are known carcinogens and and endocrine disruptors! The word FRAGRANCE(hides over a 1000 known toxins). Our day begins and we brush our teeth with Flouride toothpaste(fluoride is an endocrine disruptor). We slather on shampoo, conditioner, deoderant, skin care products, makeup, lotion, and perfume. We have literally slathered ourselves with parabens, triclosans, PEGs and oxybenzones to name a few. Don’t panic there are hundreds of non toxic options. Little by little we can make better toxin free choices. Facebook page : Ava anderson Non-toxic Heidi Hovde. To shop. Simply click shop button located within the profile picture.

Women’s feminine products such as tampons/pads contain bleached cotton and the toxin glysphosphate. There are organic or toxin free options available.

Detoxing our cleaning and household products:
Dish soap, floor cleaners, dryer sheets, laundry cleaners,all purpose cleaners are mostly toxic chemicals. Start using more natural products like baking soda, vinegar, lemon, essential oils to name a few. I have a great resource for non toxic laundry, dish cleaning, and all purpose cleaners so give me a shout.

PLUG IN air fresheners and sprays are known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors as well.
If you need something to smell wonderful seek out essential oils and fresh fruits that can make your space smell amazing and also calm your nerves. Double POW!

Environmental toxins & other exposures to avoid:

BPA plastics( a better option is glass or stainless steel water bottles)
Shower curtains containing PVC

Our food within minutes becomes our blood; in a way; that what we put in our mouths and stomachs directly affects how we feel right after eating it. Example: You eat 5 mini candy bars left over from trick or treat, then you feel exhausted 15 minutes later. Your Blood sugar is rising and will soon plummet after. Not to mention all the additives, and dyes in the candy. We just need to make better choices! Adding on whole foods.

I am here to start you on your nontoxic journey!  A free phone consultation is available to you. Message me from here:

Small Changes BIG results! ~ heidi