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Spring is in the air!

Today is  Sunday; a beautiful sunny day! I am so excited for the warmer weather to come. As a momma with Autoimmune Hashimoto thyroid disorder WINTER and the COLD are not my friends. My body and soul from the very core favors warmth.

The past week has been trying with the FLU in the house; our first illness this whole winter. One by one it took 5 out of 6 of us DOWN. So needless to say I am ready for fresh, renewing Spring weather and all it has to offer.

We have been very busy this past winter getting the Wellness Center filled up with amazing classes and instructors.( See our schedule under class schedule tab).  We continue to offer Massage with Web @ Web Wellness and Darrel @ Darrel Cox Massage and Body Work.

We are now offering Wellness related professionals the use of our studio, kitchen, workout area to provide their clients with workshop and their own tailored programs. You are your own boss and get to share all of your wisdom and hope with others.

I am also super excited to offer Children’s Obstacle course and fun gym play Birthday Parties. We will even provide cupcakes!

Come this Spring we are working out details to add in a great assortment of kids classes including:  *Childrens Zentangle Coloring Time

*Childrens Mini Yogi Classes

*Obstacle Course Fun

*Kids Surf Set Fitness

*Kids Open Gym

*Snack-Time Fun

Adult Classes and Workshops:

*Adult Calming Coloring Night

* Vision Board Night

*Eating For Energy  Workshop

*Krav Maga (Self Defense Workshop)

We have so much to offer and are putting final touches on many of these.

Spring is a time for renewal, fresh starts, and hope! We care and want to share all of this with YOU. Message Heidi if you are interested in any of the classes or workshops above. As we build the schedule we can take into consideration times and days that work  best for you and your family.

Enjoy Your last few days of February and we will see you in MARCH!!