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Check out my April Flyer! Book a Party in April and receive a free Boo stick or MONSTER spray from me! Here’s to a less toxic April 2016!AprilFLYER.jpg

I am excited to offer you completely NonToxic products in the office or delivered to your door within 2-3 business days. I trust these products 100 percent and use them on my children, myself, and for cleaning my home. Click here to buy and have delivered to your door.

If you would like an opportunity to join my no risk team you can do so know for only $59 and you will receive $200 worth of products for yourself! You get paid every Friday a minimum of 30 percent of all sales. If you don’t sell anything NO BIGGIE!!! There are no minimums or continuing orders necessary. You get a website so people can buy online from you and you make a commission(30-50%)


Click Join

Type in my ID# 12684 and follow directions. If you are online and need my assistance or want be to do it for you. Call me anytime 978-204-8626.

So excited to finally share more NON-TOXIC options. ~Heidi12524281_10209086563588261_4802658498386664232_n


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