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What Is The Best Summer Ever?

Do you remember as a child the minute you stepped one foot out onto the pavement on the last day of school? Do you remember the sense of freedom and all of the hopes you had? If you were like me you would think to yourself? “This Summer is going to be the best Summer EVER!” I would make lists of things I had to do, things I wanted to try, people I wanted to see. I have some pretty memorable Summers; with many lessons learned. One of the biggest lessons learned is to not be unrealistic in my expectations of myself, other people, and of the amount of time we have.

Fast forward years later & 4 small children in tow “The Best Summer Ever” still happens for me. Except totally different. I have a sense of calm, relief, and sense of a start over. I will have the option to not rush in the morning, give each child more time, prepare farm fresh meals for my family, and get into nature everyday, and heal my body the best that I can, and most of all MEET MY BODY WHERE IT IS AT! 

Last AUGUST  I had an accident, well (a cannon ball) in a pool while on vacation, and now have a spinal injury. Almost a full year later I am still healing and dealing with daily pain. I am learning new ways to be active, foods that can promote healing, supplementation of vitamins and minerals that can BLOCK nerve pain.

The reason I am telling you all this…..Is to remind you that we need to meet our bodies where “they are at” be realistic. Why push so hard with a work out that your never going to step foot in a workout space ever again; or that you get an injury that sets you back. Take baby steps that will bring you on the journey to life long wellness. NOT a one week binge of hard core exercise that will end in a week. Leaving you feeling like a failure.

We are here to support you with your first baby step. Sometimes that is stepping into a pair of sneakers, or just showing up into one of our classes, or calling me to set up a personal one-on-one training appointment. We will meet you where you are at. With years of experience combined Heidi(thats’s me) and Aaron are here to guide you. We have a team of Personal Certified Fitness Trainers, Certified Integrative Nutritional Health & Wellness Coaches, & Massage Therapists & tons of resources meant to share with you.

School will be starting here on the East Coast in less than a month and we can help you get your Exercise plan, Food plan, kids food plan, all on target in time to step onto the pavement this fall.

“So……. The Best Summer EVER, now for me is finding freedom, health, strength, power over my circumstance, and meeting my body/mind where I am at.

Please feel free to call me (978-204-8626), email me, or FB message me at Heidi Hovde with questions regarding your PLAN for late Summer & Fall.