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Blog Post #2: I Love The School Parking Lot!!

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So today as I am leaving the school parking lot I was hustling to drop my kids off because I had to head over to my thyroid ultrasound. On the way into school one of the mom’s yelled out for me to wait up. So I did. She had questions about ovarian cysts which she heard that I had, had in the past. We  chatted and I gave her some tips of how I dealt with mine to  make sure mine didn’t come back.

Then I am leaving and a mom rolls down that window and said “Hey, I got the Immune System Recovery Plan book! I love it”!!! I agreed it’s a great book. We chatted and split.

I arrived at the hospital. As I was walking into the hospital to have my yearly ultrasound for my Autoimmune thyroid AKA “Hashimotos” I recalled the text I received last Friday afternoon.”Starting a new book the Immune System Recovery Plan… you hear of this one?” “I am relating to it and am totally hooked”. It occurred to me AGAIN! What is happening to the human species? Why are we breaking? Why are all of us young woman and men suffering from autoimmune disorders? It is so frustrating because it IS so obvious. We are exposed to more toxins than ever. We have products that are full of carcinogens and endocrine disrupters, vaccines that are full of metals, 60 percent of the food in the grocery stores are FOOD-like product, and the medical care system is a sick care  system instead of health care system.

We need a change and small steps can help us to swim back up river and feel better! I am so thankful to be a sounding board for many friends and family and will continue my research about autoimmune disorders, nutrition, nontoxic skin and home-care products,supplementation and how to serve my community better. I want you to know I love chatting with all of you in regards to your concerns, and hope to share all I know with you.

This will be my daily blog. Here I will post my favorite foods, recipes, books, ideas, products, and anything I try in order to live a more abundant, and charmed life. The book I mentioned in this blog can be found on the amazon link below.


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