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It’s Hot Out There~

So tonight as the thunder is roaring I’m reflecting on my day! It was a perfect start tending to the weeds in the gardens and reaping the rewards! I harvested a huge amount of veggies and herbs! As I did I thought to myself “How amazing is it that we are all capable of growing our own fruits and veggies”. It is even more amazing when you have more veggies than your local Market Basket. It is “eye-opening” to say the least. The what-ifs start to roll through your mind. I realized as with my garden and my children; we need to continue to remain in control of our food, our minds, and our bodies. Don’t waste another day with “someone else will take care or it”, “nothing works anyway”, “there’s always tomorrow”, and “life is too short”! NO, NO, and NO. No one is going to take care of it, if you stay persistent it works, and LIFE is a long time. So live it, and live it well, feeling great, and loving the skin you’re in.

Tomorrow I want you to wake up take 3 cleansing breathes in through the nose and out though the mouth, drink a glass of water, and start over with a clean slate! No more diets, just real food, whole foods, nourish your body and mind once and for all. I am here waiting for you to take back control. So now that I said my peace I am going to bed and get my 7-8 hours of much-needed and deserved rest! You got this! Tomorrow is a new day!  This is a BOK CHOY rose for you! (see below)….



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What is a “Health Coach?………Who am I?

A “Health Coach” can be your personal advocate to help you live an energized and passionate life. A nutritional health coach can design a made for “you” way of eating, and living plan!

As a Nutritional Health Coach I work with my clients to create a pathway to wellness. We work together to create happy, healthy lives in a way that is flexible, fun, and most of all involves NO diets!! By working together, we can discover food and lifestyle choices that will best support you. Making gradual, lifelong changes enables you to reach your current and future health goals.

Have you been wanting to:

~improve your eating habits?  Take control of chronic disease like thyroid disease and diabetes?           

~understand your body better?

~make your self-care a priority?

~feel confident in choosing and preparing better food for you and your loved ones?

~experience an increase in overall happiness in your life?


Your personalized program will radically improve your health and happiness. Together, we’ll explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance. During the course of your program you will:

~set and accomplish goals

~explore new foods

~understand and reduce cravings

~increase energy

~feel better in your body

~improve personal relationships

SO what are you waiting for the first step is to call me!! Your new Health COACH!! “Heidi Hovde”

978-204-8626 or email


“Yes one conversation changed my life!” I want you to be able to say the same!!

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Upcoming Smoothie Night!

As the weather heats up and we are all looking for ways to cool down. It’s natural to have less of an appetite on hot days but that being said we still need our nourishment. How do we get it?  We drink smoothies made with fresh local and organic veggies, fruits, and herbs. We drink a nice cold smoothie to truly nourish and cool us down. I would love for you to join me for my first EVER “Smoothie Night”. We will discuss the importance of proper nutrition and getting the best bang for our buck. What you get for your money?

~you will learn how to get started making Amazing smoothies

~grocery list for truly nourishing shakes

~my favorite smoothie recipes

~superfoods 101

~how to create a smoothie for certain seasons and situations…

~a night truly dedicated to a healthful journey and YOU!

This will be a night that will change the way you look at food forever!  I will make it simple to feel more energized, fight fatigue and stop disease in it’s tracks…… Join me now!

WHEN:    Thursday July 17th, 2014

WHERE: All Natural Training and Wellness 1 Merrill Street Salisbury, MA 01952

Time: 7:00 p.m arrival to mingle 7:15 We hit the kitchen!!

What to bring: You and a friend!

Cost:$30 Cash, Check and Credit Cards Accepted

How to sign up: Message me 978-204-8626 to get your credit card info.

Email: Your credit card info

Drop check or cash off at All Natural Training.

CAN’T Wait sooo excited to share with all of you!





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Sunny Day in the neighborhood….


So today as I finish my second full container of filtered water, I am feeling productive. My mind is clear and I am planning our weekend ahead. The garden is doing well so there will be some harvesting of greens for sure. Saturday morning bootcamp to fit in some exercise, then packaging food to be shipped to Haiti(an at home mission trip), cleaning up All Natural Training and Wellness,and graduation festivities for family.

It can be challenging keeping your family on track with nutrition and keeping active on weekends like this. So planning is key to survival; otherwise there are meltdowns of the mind and body on an hourly basis. Before you jump in the car! A few survival tips for busy weekends:

~pack a cooler with plenty of water

~pack healthy fast food snacks( fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, granola, bars, hard boiled eggs, dark chocolate, or frozen yogurt tubes)

~homemade sunblock/ organic bug spray

~extra clothes/towel/bathing suit/sun hat/a sheet(in case you want to picnic)

With just these few things you can stay hydrated on the fly, keep blood sugar and Mood stable, play in the sun safely, and maybe even catch a picnic or take a dip in a pool/ocean too!

Have an amazing weekend.

Be well!



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Sea of Greens.. and More

IMG_6604So today as I was sipping my green tea I looked out to see the sea of greens growing in my garden and I realized how great it feels to grow my own food. The food that ultimately becomes our blood. It makes us thrive and nourishes our mind and body. As spring rolls out and the summer finds it’s way; there will be a bounty of beautiful fruits and veggies that are grown locally. Locally meaning it hasn’t traveled thousands of miles across the sea, months prior to finally make it to our table. Our bodies need these local foods to create energy within. Our food has energy that gets depleted as time goes on.

Picture this:  A bright green, full, and fluffy head of romaine and a week later it is browning and wilted. Yes the energy is depleted! So next time go to your local farm grab a bounty of greens immediately make a salad, or shake or your favorite dish and feel the nourishment, the energy. Nourish yourself fully. Eat with the season so whatever berries, veggies, or other fruits are growing that is what you should eat!

When was the last time you visited a local farm? For many it has been years. This weekend your assignment is to find a farm local to you. For my family of six it is” Cider Hill Farm” in Amesbury, MA. We love the farming methods they use, and how they create their own energy! Can your say wind turbines and solar panels! They rock…There eggs are amazing! As you can tell we know our and love our farmers!

As the night comes to a close I am thankful to have had time to fit in some health coaching, exercise, gardening, writing, and most of all time spent with my children. Now thats what I call primary food! Sleep Well.~Heidi


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Love the skin your in…..

So as the summer rolls in and we wake up to the smell of the salty sea, I am excited for the new season and all it has to offer us.  I am excited to visit our favorite local farms, picnic spots, farmers markets, local parks, and most of all enjoy the seasonal local produce. The suns rays energize us and help us to feel vibrant; but with the summer comes the need to wear lighter/less clothing. We are at the same point as we were last year trying on shorts and bathing suits, wishing the lighting in the dressing room was better.  This is where regardless of the lighting we need to learn to love ourselves! Love the skin we’re in! With this take all those negative feelings and turn them into power to get moving and find an exercise that suits you. A little bit goes a long way.

As a family of six with 4 little people in my life. Life gets busy, VERY busy. I make a point to keep moving. This is why it is so important to wake up each morning and before I even get out of bed I state my intentions. My intentions to nourish my mind/body, eat well, be thankful, spend quality time with each child, and most of all get my body moving. Without my intentions my day unravels. So try it..It takes only a moment to envision your day and clearly see what is truly important to you. Make it happen.

Now wake up tomorrow and state your intentions; it’s time.



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Sail Into Summer: Bootcamp/Group Workout

groupStarts tonight indoors at the new studio! Come join us for a fun filled sweat session. Lets get serious about feeling well and energized again! Drop-in’s welcome. I accept credit cards now!

Join us for the next 4 weeks for a group fitness style class. This is a beginner to intermediate level class. It’s time to get moving again. This class will wake up those muscles and burn those fat cells. Lets do this together!!
1 day per week= $40 for 4 weeks
2 days per week= $80 for 4 weeks
3 days per week= $ 120 for 4 weeks
Classes are held:

Tues 6:15p.m-7p.m
Thursdays 6:15p.m -7p.m
Saturdays 9 a.m