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Nourishing your whole body.

SUMMER- Class Schedule

Try our one of our NEW workouts!


4:45-5:45pm ~ Strength Training  ~ Heather (This is a total body “work out” Strengthening exercises are truly functional and you will learn to move your body efficiently in all 3 planes motion using a variety of equipment. Come increase your “movement literacy” while gaining strength, stability, flexibility, and mobility. $10 per class

Weds:  8:30 am with Heather-Drop in!


10:30 am 3 D Fortify~Heather (is founded on the principals of chain reaction biomechanics, and design to improve mobility, stability, and strength. Movements are dynamic, multi-dimensional, and flowing. 3d Fortify is a more gentle version of 3d Strength. $10 per class

4:45-5:45 pm Kickboxing ~Heather (Various mixed martial arts styles from around the world, choreographed to music, and conditioning drills thrown in the mix. Combat style, come train like a fighter! $10 per class

Friday:  9:30– 10:30 am Stretching ~ Heather


Drop-in any class prices vary based on instructor and class. 

Personal Training by appointment only 978-204-8626 ~Heidi



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